High Adventure is a Fan-Rock band based out of Connecticut. Since 2008, "Hi-Ad" has gathered a worldwide following of fanboys and fangirls with their passionate music about comic books, movies, video games, loving life and fandom. The band has been featured on NPR, "The Force-Cast," "The Indy-Cast," "The Mac-Cast," "Fanboy's Guide To The Galaxy," "The Star Wars Report," "The Star Wars Talk Show," "TechnoRetro Dads" and have played such high profile shows as New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, ComiCONN, Rhode Island Comic Con and Boston Super Mega Fest!

High Adventure's music has also been featured in the soundtrack to the Star Wars documentary The Force Within Us.

High Adventure is:

Glen Nelson - Lead Vocals, Piano, Organ, Synth, Baritone Ukulele

Brian Rabuse - Guitars, Vocals

John Dotson - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals

Stuart Sosnoski - Piano, Vocals, Trombone

Dave Connelly - Banjo, Bass, Flutes

Greg Kallas - Drums

Dave Bouressa - Trumpet

The High Adventure Story

High Adventure was born on May 23rd, 1984, and was the name of the first band I was ever in with my childhood friend Todd Howard. At the time, we were very inspired by "Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom" and got the name from a headline in the Hartford Courant about the blockbuster film that was just about to open nationwide. We sang songs that we liked from the radio at the time as well as wrote our own originals. We played for several years, and expanded to a quartet with other neighborhood friends. Eventually however, Todd moved to a different town and we all moved on to other bands.

Fast forward to 2004, when Todd joined us as the new bass player in Spaghetti Cake. The first new song that we wrote together in almost 20 years was called "Farm Boy," a poetic tale about "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope." A simple story about a boy, a girl, and a galaxy. That song got played on the "Force-Cast," the largest Star Wars podcast on the internet, and garnered a lot of positive feedback from the fan community. So much so that a follow-up song was penned in 2008 to commemorate the release of the fourth Indiana Jones film, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." "The Ballad Of Indiana" was once again a huge success and prompted Todd and I to consider a spin-off band from Spaghetti Cake that could begin to write songs specifically for the fan community. We didn't have to look very far for a band name. High Adventure was reborn.

On the heels of this musical rebirth came an opportunity to perform live for our fans. Mitchell Hallock, co-host of the "Indy-Cast" was also the co-promotor of a brand new comic book convention starting right here in Connecticut, aptly titled ComiCONN. Three years later we have performed at every ComiCONN event and it continues to grow in popularity. In the three years that we have been the featured band at ComiCONN, we have also released three albums of original music. In 2010 we released "Acoustic Prog Pop," in 2011 "Into A Larger World," and this year we are extremely excited about our brand-new 16 track CD entitled "Heroes And Villains." For the first 2 releases, the songs were varied in subject (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, Back To The Future, etc) but "Heroes And Villains" is almost exclusively songs about Star Wars. We've found the bulk of our fans not just from the "Force-Cast" and other Star Wars podcasts, but also from our many successful music videos on YouTube. Star Wars is also bigger now than it ever has been before, and its appeal is massive and worldwide, plus with the addition of "The Clone Wars" TV show on Cartoon Network, it is reaching out to a whole new generation of fans. As we fans of the saga like to say, "Star Wars Is Forever!"

"Heroes And Villains" is the third release from the fan rock band High Adventure. The album focuses heavily on characters from all 6 Star Wars films and The Clone Wars TV show. Featuring favorites like "The Game Of Boba Fett" and "The Fury Of Darth Maul." As you can see from the titles, a lot of our songs focus on specific characters that we find appealing lyrically and musically. On this new album, as the title implies, I tried to have a balance of songs about the good characters vs. the bad. Other fan favorites over the years include "The Rise Of Cad Bane", "The Fate Of Ahsoka," "The Way Of Qui-Gon Jinn," "The Fall Of Kong" and "X-Wing High."

In addition to performing locally at ComiCONN, in 2009 I started taking it a step further and performing at other conventions, or "Cons." With keyboard and guitar in hand, I have traveled twice to perform at Star Wars Fan Days in Dallas, TX, Star Wars Celebration 5 in Orlando, FL in 2010 and last year at New York Comic Con, where we will be performing once again in October. This year, right after ComiCONN, the four current members of High Adventure (Glen Nelson, Brian Rabuse, John Dotson, and Stuart Sosnoski) jumped in our rental minivan and drove straight down to Florida to perform at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando for an estimated 35,000 hard-core Star Wars fans. In addition, over the course of the past few years of flying myself to all of these conventions, I have found myself appointed to the position of musical director of the Force-Cast, and provided music for the 2 live podcasts of the Force-Cast, right from the convention floor! Very exciting! I went from being a fan to an integral member of the team. A fanboy's dream come true.

What appeals to me about Star Wars is that it is a morality tale, and it teaches us so much about good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, dark vs. light. And of course, there is the spiritual side to Star Wars, as in the Force. To older fans my age who grew up with Star Wars, it is much more than a hobby or an obsession; it is a religion. And it is a very tight community of friends. I have made true lasting friendships with people from all over the world, and we find immediately that we have so much in common. And Star Wars fandom is not what you might expect: it's not all guys running in stormtrooper costumes (although that is a HUGE aspect of fandom, known as the 501st Legion) but it is just regular normal guys like me that love Star Wars. We're Dads, were teachers, we're church guys, we're artists, we're creative, passionate people. And getting together at these huge conventions feels like a family reunion.

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