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We want to thank everyone for a great ride. We played our last show at Blue Back Square in West Hartford on 7/26. We've had a great time and couldn't have had a better group of supporters. For the time being you can stream our music here or email us and we can send you some music. We also have the possibility of one last show on 9/20 at Blue Back Square if the weather permits.


The Insurance is a band based out of the Hartford, CT area playing emotional, driven pop-rock songs designed to pull at your heart-strings while at the same time, keep your ears ringing with pure rock & roll goodness.

They pour their heart and soul into each song, be it an original or a well known favorite spun with their own twist. The Insurance is never satisfied unless you're going home with at least one song from the set stuck in your head.

Band members include Mark Bernacki on bass, John Dotson on drums, Harris Schwartz on lead vocals, guitars, harmonica and keys and Dimitri Anastasiou on guitar and vocals.

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